Networking is a continuous process


As a part of MESH international project, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) team has developed a “Networking Steps Model”. TAMK has successfully organized virtual workshops to piloting the “Networking Step Model” during November–December 2020. The main aims and objectives of the workshops were to assist the immigrant people to develop their networks though using networking steps model.

After the workshop, Levon Krasnikov, background from Logistics and Supply Chain Management, points out that helping people is a great source of motivation.  Levon Kransikov was interviewed in order to reveal the outcomes of the workshop i.e. did the workshop fulfill their expectations and how can the workshop be improved? The detail conversations of the interview are briefly presented below:

Name of the interviewee: Levon Krasnikov

Educational qualification: (1) M.Sc. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics, Saint-Petersburg, Russia and (2) extension study in International Export Competence, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland.


You have successfully completed networking workshop. What is your key achievement from the workshop?

Well, from my perspective, the important learning from the workshop is that networking is a both side process and how one can be useful to others. Networking is a continuous process. So, networking is not a one-way process and it needs to take care in a regular basis. In addition, I have learned how to work in a small group and how to share ideas with others in a successful manner. It gives me an immense motivation in building network.


How do you build human connection for networking and what is the best method to make successful human connection?

I always try to build human connection. For example, I have participated couple of networking events in last months. In my opinion and I strongly believe that face to face meeting is very effective to building a human connection. Because face to face meeting or interaction facilitates in making human connection with many people (at least 5-10) from a single event.


How do you maintain your networking action plan?

Although it is hard sometimes, I try to maintain my networking action plan firmly. For example, I have a list of many organizations and I always try to keep contact with them. In addition, I have a list of people in my field and I make plan to meet them often and also, I follow-up my activities/plan on regular basis.


What is the most difficult step to develop network in your opinion?

Maintaining relationship is the difficult part and task to building networking in my opinion. Because we are human being and we change our mind on and off. This is very natural that we are bounded by limitations. Although it is easy to contact at the initial stage, to turn the contact into supper connection is difficult. If the other end is not interested, then it is difficult to continue the contact. However, in some cases we can maintain contacts by phone call, emails, or inviting in coffee or tea meet


What factors motivate you to stay positive?

‘Hobby’ is one of the important factors to keep someone positive. Helping people is also a great source of motivation. In addition, sharing experience and knowledge with others is also a great way to be motivated.


Are you satisfied with your network developing or progressing?

Yes, I’m satisfied. I am very hopeful that I will achieve my goal very soon if everything goes according to my plan.


Thank you, Levon Krasnikov, for your valuable comments. I believe that positive mind and hard work may help you enormously to develop a successful network and thus achieving goal.

The interview is taken by Nasrin Jahan Jinia, project specialist, MESH project, Tampere University of Applied Sciences


Text: Nasrin Jahan Jinia, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Photo: Levon Krasnikov